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The Value of a Floor Plan

Updated: Apr 16

Most people are visual learners. That’s why professional photos are so important. But even the best professional photos can’t fully provide a picture of the home’s structure. Providing a floor plan can help. But is it worth the effort? You bet it is!

Floor plan? Yes please!

  1. Increase click-throughs from buyers by 52% by including a floor plan in a real estate listing. (source:

  2. Home buyers consider floor plans the most desired feature on a home listing, just after the standard listing photos and property data (NAR research).

  3. Floor plans can build an emotional connection with potential buyers by giving them a blank slate to imagine the space in their own style.

  4. Floor plans can save you valuable time, as buyers can envision the home before they even set foot inside.

  5. An attractive floor plan gives you another visual marketing tool that raises your value to the client.

So, elevate your brand and create that (floor) plan!

"But the time and labor involved in creating one can be daunting." We agree, if you try to do it the old fashion way – with a tape measure, pen, and paper. Or you can skip all that by ordering a floor plan from a professional real estate photographer… like Bright House. Our floor plans are reasonably priced based on square footage. Your floor plan jpg files will be delivered, along with photos, videos, and any other product you have ordered—in one convenient package. Check out our website to view one of our floor plan examples. BOOK NOW to order photos and a floor plan for your next listing.

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