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Why Video?

Updated: May 10, 2022

Why do we do anything in real estate? As long as we do right by our clients, we want to:

  1. Sell our listings faster

  2. Maximize the value of the listing

  3. Get referrals so we can do it all over again

Video helps do all 3.

Selling Homes Faster

In the Philly suburbs, the average time on the market in the last year is something like 8 days. No matter how fast inventory moves, we’d like it to move faster. The key to that is maximizing your exposure to the market. Homes listed with video achieve 403% more inquiries than homes without because they drive 157% more search traffic! You can't have closes without offers. You can’t have offers without inquiries. Video immediately exposes your listing to the broadest possible audience across any channel you choose. Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram can be just as powerful as Zillow or Homesnap when it comes to getting your listings out there.

Maximizing Value

The market dictates your price, and lately, we’ve had a really hot market. On any given home – the more offers you have, the more likely you’ll be able to close for over list price and the more flexibility you’ll have with inspections and accommodations. Homes listed with video sell for an average of 11% more than comparable properties. They are 3x as likely to close over asking priceespecially if you’re working with millennial buyers. (See our "Marketing to Millennials" blog entry for more insights about millennials – today's largest segment of homebuyers).

Building Your Brand

The simple reasoning here is for the same reason offices get professional headshots done. It makes you seem more personable, and it helps buyers and sellers get a sense of who you are every time they walk past a sign. Real estate depends on relationships and trusts more than any other sale. We work hard to ensure our clients know us and what they can expect from us.

But, if the average sale happens in 8 days, that’s not a ton of time to work with your clients and really develop the kind of relationship that results in repeat business and referrals. That's why video is so crucial in 2022. Agents can use video introductions to build their digital presence and create a virtual highlight reel of their previous closes and, more importantly, their personalities. Buyers are looking for reasons to be confident about you - professional videos make all of your previous successes work for you into the future.

Check out some examples of our videos. Now, imagine you had one of these for every home you sold - it would be one hell of a resume to show future clients.

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