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When Your Listing Is Empty...

If a seller moves out before their property is listed, what do you do? Stage it or leave it? 29% of agents say they will stage it traditionally. 30.5% will stage it virtually. 40% will leave it empty. Which option will maximize the home's value?

The National Association of Realtors report that staging an empty home can increase the selling price by up to 5%. Not a staggering difference, but nevertheless, it's more value to bring to your client.

Traditional Staging

Physically staging spaces can highlight a home's architecture and appeals to the broadest buyer market. However, it comes at a cost—sometimes 8% to 10% of your commission.

Virtual Staging

Because of recent advances in technology, digitally staged images look more realistic than ever before, and it costs just a fraction of what traditional staging would set you back. Virtual staging also allows you to showcase a space in a variety of settings. For example, a bedroom could easily be virtually staged as a home office, or nursery, or work-out space.

Bright House offers exceptional, professional photos, will consult with the agent about the number of rooms to be staged, and on virtual style designs. Once your images have been processed and staged, we provide you with MLS-ready files. Plus, we can incorporate your staged images into a property website—that comes complimentary with every photo package purchase. And we can incorporate them into a 2D virtual tour. Check out some of our virtually staged room examples and see for yourself.

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